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boyd bedding blue frog horse shavings in bulk packed

Blue Frog Bedding Shavings


How Is Blue Frog Bedding Made?

Our timber initially undergoes a process unique and key to blue frog. First, the timber is debarked to ensure the cleanest bedding possible. Once debarked, the timber is then planed to a specific and optimum sized flake. We have extensively consulted our customers and have backed up their feedback with field tests (well stable actually) to establish the best flake size for the ultimate stability underfoot, absorption, and product retention during the process, packaging and storage. Mucking out and disposal was also taken into account when deciding the perfect size of flake. The flakes are then dried in a large furnace. The high temperatures are used to sterilise the flakes naturally, leaving the bedding both absorbent and clean.

wood boyd bedding blue frog horse shavings
boyd bedding blue frog horse shavings 15 scale product info

The heat used in the drying process ensures no fungi, spores, or bacteria are present in the bedding. We continuously monitor our bedding independently with micro toxicity tests carried out to ensure the natural sterility of our product. The nature of blue frog large flakes allows us to remove all small particles thoroughly. This stage in the process is the most significant for horses’ health. Horses are susceptible to dust, and it is imperative to keep dust to a minimum. Once sensitised, horses can go on to develop allergies which will impair their competitive performance. Blue frog allows you to minimise the impact of the environment on your horse.

Once dried and dust extracted, the flakes are baled and palletised without being handled by hand. This streamlined aspect of the process keeps our efficiency of supply up and costs down. Blue frog horse bedding is created from virgin timber; it is not made from a recycled waste product. Yet when you choose blue frog, you are helping plant more trees, as all our timber comes from government managed Coillte forests. Having control over our raw material gives us two main advantages. Firstly our product has no risk of contamination from the processing used on waste timber or spores present in organic or non-sterile bedding.

boyd bedding blue frog horse shavings in bulk packed

The other advantage is that we don’t suffer from seasonal scarcity that occurs with a process that relies on waste products from other production processes. By specifically manufacturing blue frog, we can control quality and price, giving you, the customer, the peace of mind that you are using the best horse bedding available at the best price!

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Pure Perfection - Dust-free horse bedding

The effect of dust on horses health is well recognised. Simply put, a healthy horse will perform better. For a horse to compete at its athletic best, it must breathe adequately. Under average stable conditions, a horse can inhale up to 12 million dust particles into the lungs in a single breath. Unfortunately, more and more horses are becoming sensitised to dust, and many develop allergies. Using dust-free shavings will significantly reduce the respiratory challenge in the horses’ environment.

For years horse owners have exercised great care over the quality of feed and forage used for their horses, with particular value placed on low dust and spore content. They could not exact the same level of stringency over bedding, finding what was available was mainly waste products, high in dust levels and low inconsistency or quality. At last, there is dust-free horse bedding that can minimise the environmental impact on the horses’ respiratory system. Blue frog’s large absorbent flakes are entirely dust-free. The strength of the drying process heat sterilises the flakes making them the cleanest, most absorbent bedding available.