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Boyd Bedding: Blue Frog Horse Bedding Shavings

Welcome to Boyd Bedding, home of the multi-award-winning Blue Frog shavings. Based in Northern Ireland, since 2000, we have been manufacturing high quality, ultra-hygienic and sustainable horse bedding shavings designed to support equine health and wellbeing, from family ponies to elite sport horses.

Manufactured from sustainably sourced virgin pine and spruce, Blue Frog is heat sterilised to provide 100% dust-free horse bedding that supports optimal respiratory health and associated performance. Blue Frog is an excellent bedding choice for animals with heightened sensitivity to dust and other allergens.

Our premium range also includes kiln-dried sawdust and shavings suitable for cattle, sheep and poultry. Our dust-free bedding is manufactured in our purpose-built factory located in Omagh, County Tyrone, and is shipped worldwide. If you’d like to find out more or to obtain a quotation, please get in touch.

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Why Use Blue Frog Bedding?

In modern equestrianism, stabling is essential. But by keeping our horses inside, we expose them to dust, spores and allergens that may cause irritation and even chronic problems such as inflammatory airway disease (IAD) or COPD, commonly known as ‘heaves’. Research shows that a horse can inhale up to 12 million dust particles in a single breath under normal conditions. Blue Frog horse bedding shavings are manufactured specifically to eliminate respiratory irritants that can affect the wellbeing and competitive performance of your horse. Working closely with leading equestrians and vets, we’ve established the optimal flake size to ensure stability underfoot and excellent moisture absorption whilst enabling us to extract all dust and small particles from the bedding shavings. The flakes are heat-treated to ensure no spores or bacteria are present, then vacuum packed into sterile, individually wrapped bales for convenience.
100% dust-free
Certified aspergillus free